A sequence of images taken from the same individual from immediately after tail loss until two weeks later.  Note that blood loss is minimal and that the temporary clot is quickly lost to reveal the new, rapidly outgrowing tail.

The Vickaryous Lab

One of the most fundamental questions in biology is why some tissues, organs and species are able to regenerate, whereas others cannot. 

Research conducted by the Vickaryous Lab uses geckos and other non-traditional model organisms to study naturally evolved mechanisms of regeneration, wound healing, and development.

As for many lizards, geckos are able to self-detach their tails to avoid predation, and then spontaneously regenerate a replacement. Therefore geckos provide a unique opportunity to investigate functional tissue replacement by novel, post-embryonic mechanisms.


For more information about the Vickaryous lab, and why geckos are amazing models to study regeneration, please watch our video.